8 Best Northern Ireland Freelancers You Need To Know In 2023
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Tall Paul Marketing - Lockdown Legends - The Pandemic Created My Business - Kelly McGookin, Kelly's Virtual Solutions, Belfast freelance copywriter
NI Lockdown Legends: Pet Spiders, Junk Food, Late Nights and a Start-Up
January 19, 2021
Large Tourism and Hospitality Business Support Scheme - New £26.1m NI support scheme announced - Northern Ireland business news - Tall Paul Marketing
NI Covid Support Scheme: New £26.1m support scheme announced
January 22, 2021

8 Top Class Northern Ireland Freelancers You Need To Know In 2023 | Tall Paul Marketing

Running a business, marketing or communications department in 2023 is challenging, but luckily Northern Ireland has many talented marketing freelancers who can help you grow your business online.


We’ve lived through the most challenging twenty-four months imaginable, but by hiring the best Northern Ireland freelancers, you can enjoy a whole host of impressive benefits.

Northern Ireland businesses should consider hiring freelancers to carry out critical marketing tasks and projects.

Our country has a wide range of professional freelancers who can help take your business to the next level.

And for this reason, today we’re looking at the benefits of hiring a freelancer and eight NI marketing freelancers who are excelling in their respective fields.

Why should I hire a freelancer?

You have ambitious plans for your business.

But you don’t have the financial resources in the current climate to hire full-time employees.

You have a strategy in place.

In short, you know what you want and the direction of travel in 2022.


Northern Ireland freelance marketers are talented and can help take your company's marketing to the next level - Content Writing Service - Graphic Designer for hire - Tall Paul Marketing

When freelancers aren’t hanging about in Belfast’s side streets beside skips, they’re busy helping out local businesses with their marketing, admin, videography, social media management and much more.


But you don’t have the time to implement all facets of your grand vision.

And if you’re nodding along, chances are you’re a local business owner, marketing manager or communications director with great plans.

However, you lack the time and resources to complete the project.

Hiring a freelancer helps you in various ways, and here are some of the most impressive benefits.

Hiring an NI marketing freelancer will save your company money.

A global pandemic, Brexit, the Northern Ireland Protocol, the Ukraine crisis, a recession…

Unquestionably, Northern Ireland businesses are facing unprecedented pressures in 2022.

As a result, they’re revising – and most likely decreasing – their annual budget.

In short, a smaller budget is the most obvious next step in these exceptional circumstances.

And every penny needs to work hard.

For that reason, Northern Ireland businesses can save a fortune by outsourcing much of their marketing requirements.


Cathedral Quarter, Belfast. NI has a lot of digital marketing experts for hire to help you with your business. Content Writer, Copywriter Ireland

NI has a lot of digital marketing experts for hire to help you with your business.


That’s because hiring a freelancer cuts thousands of pounds off an expensive recruitment process.

Unsurprisingly, enlisting the help of a freelancer means you can bypass costly pension benefits, tax, and national insurance.

Above all, hiring a Northern Ireland marketing freelancer gives your business the space to build back to pre-pandemic levels.

Like most small and medium businesses, a lot of your marketing efforts can be one-off projects.

Under those circumstances, a one-off project might be creating a new website.

Equally, another one-off project could be arranging a professional business photoshoot or creating marketing brochures.

In this situation, choosing a freelance marketing specialist will be more cost-effective than a full-time marketer with a permanent, salaried position.



Northern Ireland marketing freelancers are experts in their craft.

Cast your eye over the job spec on any local NI jobs website for marketing roles.

Straightaway, you’ll notice a common theme emerging: recruiters are hoping to hire an expert.

However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an employee who is an expert in a wide range of tasks.


Northern Ireland business owners, Marketing Managers and Communications Managers can make use of a wide range of talented freelancers to help with your marketing, like Ryan (pictured above) from MonkeyBird Media. NI Top Freelancers - Blog Writer Belfast - List of NI freelancers for hire

Northern Ireland business owners, as well as Marketing and Communications Managers, can use a wide range of talented freelancers to help with your marketing, like Ryan Fitzsimmons (pictured above), a freelance videographer, from MonkeyBird Media.


Firstly, can someone be an expert at everything to do with marketing?


Secondly, is it likely?

Probably not.

Marketing is such a wide-ranging, multi-faceted industry.

That is to say; you’ll struggle to find someone who is an expert at tasks like content marketing, graphic design, digital advertising, SEO, PPC, or video editing, etc.

Say hello to Northern Ireland’s freelance marketing experts.

These freelancers ooze self-confidence.

Moreover, they know what they’re good at.

This small band of specialists have a wealth of experience (and testimonials to back up that expertise!).

And they’ve honed their craft over many years and carry out tasks to the highest of standards, with the minimum of fuss.

Therefore, you’ll only pay them when they work.

In short, Northern Ireland’s freelancers have devoted years to perfect their craft.

Also, many have worked in a busy marketing and communications department earlier in their careers.

Not to mention, they’ve sat at the table with advertising and PR agencies while they’ve planned marketing campaigns for the year ahead.


Some of the best freelancers in NI - Content Writer, Blog Writing Service - Tall Paul Marketing

The country’s best freelancers can be found in some odd places, like narrow back alleys in Belfast. When they’re not walking on double yellow lines, they’ll be at home working hard and getting excellent results for their clients.


In other words, they understand business.

And they know what works.

For example; your business needs a new promotional video.

Obviously, you don’t need a full-time videographer because you only need these made once or twice a year.

Therefore, hiring a freelance Videographer means you only pay for work when you need it.

Equally important, this allows you to tap into the freelancer’s extensive experience.

Outsource your weaknesses to an NI freelancer.

In my recent blog post ‘What is content writing, and how can it benefit my business?‘ I wrote about the importance of outsourcing your weaknesses.

Firstly, it’s fair to say that every business owner has a unique skill set.

Secondly, every Marketing Manager has a particular set of skills and experience that shaped their career.

Lastly, every Communications Director takes a different approach based on their expertise and strengths.

As a result, there’s no shame in saying, “That’s not my strength” or “I don’t have time to do this project to the best of my ability”.

So, for every challenge your business faces, chances are there’s a supremely talented Northern Irish freelancer available.

And they are ready to step in to help bridge that skills gap.



Which freelancers are available in Northern Ireland to help my business?

For every business task, there’s a freelancer in Northern Ireland who can help.

For instance, for business marketing, you could hire a freelance:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Online advertising PPC specialist
  • SEO specialist
  • Social Media advertising specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Digital Partner
What NI freelancers are available to help my business - NI freelance writer for hire

NI businesses can enjoy amazing benefits by hiring talented local freelancers.

Save time by hiring a Northern Ireland freelancer.

Oscar Wilde once mused, “Time is a waste of money.

And he might have been right.

Similarly, wasting time in business is wasting money.

In other words, your time is your most precious commodity.

And it’s something you should protect at all costs.

For instance, try and resist the urge to wear all hats.

That is to say, things get done a lot quicker when everyone focuses on working to their strengths.

So, with that in mind, here are eight of the best Northern Ireland freelancers (in no particular order!) that you can hire today to help your business.


Best freelance Graphic Designer/Web Designer in Northern Ireland.

The best freelance Graphic Designer in Northern Ireland - Marty McCabe, McCabe Graphics

Who: Martin McCabe, McCabe Graphics.
Services: Graphic and Web Designer.
Based: Newry.
In his own words: “I specialise in branding and web design for Northern Ireland businesses. Improving visual and online presence for clients is at the forefront of my service.”
Website: www.mccabegraphics.com

Best freelance Social Media Advertising expert in Northern Ireland.

The best NI freelancers - Social Media Advertising expert in Northern Ireland - Tall Paul Marketing

Who: Peter McNicholl, Flying On Social Media.
Services: Social Media advertising.
Based: Belfast.
In his own words: “I have trained and worked with over 400 businesses since January 2016 to help them run their Social Media advertising with a simple and common-sense approach. And if you’re not spending money on social media adverts, you are not being seen by potential new customers.”
Website: https://www.facebook.com/petermcnichollexpert/

Best freelance videographer in Northern Ireland.

The best freelance Videographer in Northern Ireland - Ryan Fitzsimmons, MonkeyBird Media

Who: Ryan Fitzsimmons, Monkeybird Media.
Services: Professional, affordable video promotion for your business.
Based: Belfast.
In his own words:
“No matter what you do, my job is to tell your story.”
Website: https://www.instagram.com/monkeybirdmedia/

The best freelance Copywriter in Northern Ireland.

(I couldn’t leave myself out of this list, could I?)


The best freelance Copywriter in Northern Ireland - Paul Malone, Tall Paul Marketing

Who: Paul Malone, Tall Paul Marketing.
Services: Blog Writing, Copywriting and Content Writing.
Based: Belfast.
In his own words:
“I create fresh, shareable and original web content and blog content to tell your company’s story and engage your customers.”
Website: www.TallPaulMarketing.com

Best freelance commercial photographer in Northern Ireland.

Best freelance commercial and business photographer in Northern Ireland - Tony Thompson, We Are Soulful


Who: Tony Thompson, We Are Soulful.
Services: Business photography and commercial shoots.
Based: Belfast.
In his own words: “I’m an alternative commercial photographer offering creative and high impact visuals to represent your brand in print, online and social media.”
Website: https://www.wearesoulful.co.uk/

Best freelance Digital Marketing Partner in Northern Ireland.

The best freelance Digital Marketing Partner in NI - Darren Diven, Creative Adventures - NI Content Writer - Belfast Blog Writer

Who: Darren Diven, Creative Adventures.
Services: Project Management, Digital Planning and Marketing Strategy.
Based: Belfast.
In his own words: “I work with a range of businesses, agencies and public sector bodies as an extension of their team. This includes planning, creating, and evaluating with them to meet their business’ marketing/communications objectives. Creative Adventures spawned from clients’ need for flexibility; I now work with a talented bunch of creatives, taking our partner brands on a marketing adventure.”
Website: https://www.creative-adventures.co.uk/



The best freelance Social Media Manager in Northern Ireland.

The best Social Media Manager in Northern Ireland, Richie Reynolds, RR Marketing

Who: Richie Reynolds, RR Marketing.
Services: Social Media Management and Digital Consulting.
Based: Newry.
In his own words: “RR Marketing is a freelance Marketing Agency mainly focused on providing Digital Marketing support for small businesses and organisations in Northern Ireland.”
Website: www.rrmarketing.co.uk

The best freelance Virtual Assistant in Northern Ireland.

The best Virtual Assistant in Northern Ireland - Kelly McGookin, Kelly's Virtual Solutions

Who: Kelly McGookin, Kelly’s Virtual Solutions.
Services: Personal Assistance, Business Administration, Fleet Admin, Lifestyle Management, and Event Management.
Based: Craigavon.
In her own words: “I’m an award-winning and experienced Virtual Assistant providing remote administrative support to busy small business owners.”
Website: https://kellysvirtualsolutions.com/


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Last updated: 18 January 2024

Paul Malone
Paul Malone
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