What is content writing and how can it benefit my business?
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What is content writing and how can it benefit my business?

Content writing meaning: Tall Paul Marketing - Belfast marketing - SEO Copywriter Belfast - NI Marketing agency

Content writing has transformed the fortunes of businesses around the world, offering marketing managers and directors the opportunity to share information with customers and engage them regularly.


The evolution of content writing in the last two decades is arguably the most important 100% free marketing tool that most Northern Ireland businesses can make use of to get guaranteed results.


Content is king - Tall Paul Marketing - Belfast marketing - SEO Copywriter Belfast - NI Marketing agency

Creating quality content on a consistent basis can be tough.



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What is content writing?

Simply put, it means to write content (who would have guessed that, huh?).

But it’s the purpose of content in marketing that we’re dealing with specifically.

Firstly, content writing is writing persuasive, engaging, informative content for a reason.

For example, this blog post is an example of content writing. 

The reason for this piece of content is to inform Northern Ireland business owners, NI Marketing Managers and local Marketing Coordinators about how to adopt this incredible marketing tool.

As a result, most written content is conversational in style, informative in substance and not too ‘salesy’.

Secondly, it isn’t just about writing blog posts; it includes news articles, interviews, writing copy for brochures and much more.



What should content writing include for my business?

Regardless of the style and delivery of content, the main aim is to ultimately guide customers gently towards an action, such as a ‘Buy now’, ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Learn More’ Call To Action (CTA).

For instance, whether you’re an account executive for a Belfast advertising agency or a Marketing Director at a Northern Ireland PR company, your content should be engaging, shareable and consistent.

In other words, it should be well-researched and relevant to your target audience.


How can my business benefit from blogging? NI Copywriter Tall Paul Marketing - Copywriter Belfast, Freelance copywriter Ireland

No matter what Northern Ireland business you work for, creating content that engages customers is vital.

What are some examples of content writing?

All of the articles on my website’s blog section are examples of content writing. Check them out here.

Why does my business need content writing?

We all consume content every day.

Our alarm wakes us up in the morning, and we scroll through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

We consume various types of content like blogs, video content and user-generated content from friends.

In addition, we visit the BBC Northern Ireland website and consume news content.

We open the Youtube app and watch how-to tutorials which are video content.



Subsequently, for Northern Ireland businesses, content writing has a whole host of benefits.

Benefits include improved visibility on Google search results, the ability to update customers, and it keeps website visitors coming back to your website.

Regular content ultimately offers customers a reason to buy and humanises your company. 

You can read my in-depth guide on blogging for business benefits here:

5 reasons why EVERY business needs a blog in 2020

Content-is-King - Freelance Belfast Copywriter Paul Malone - NI Content Writer

Why should I hire a freelancer to do my company’s content writing?

Content writing can be challenging.

“What type of content should I write?”

“How do I structure my content?”

“How do I get people to read it?” 

Those are some of the questions I get asked every week by busy Belfast Marketing Executives and Marketing Coordinators.

Moreover, they appreciate the value of content but don’t have the time or creative ability to write in-depth, consistently about a topic or industry confidently.


Benefits of blog content - Tall Paul Marketing - Belfast marketing - SEO Copywriter Belfast - NI Marketing agency

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Concentrate on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses.

Content writing isn’t my strongest area; what can I do?

There’s absolutely no shame in saying, “This is not my strongest area, I need help with this.”

For example, I’m a freelance Belfast copywriter but do I also create my graphic design material?

No, I got an F in GCSE Art, so I outsource my weaknesses.


Tall Paul Marketing - NI Freelance Writer - Blog Writer - Belfast content marketing

Believe it or not, this was created by me for my GCSE Art when I was 16. Suffice to say; there’s no chance of me becoming the next Da Vinci.


Do I design my website? No, I hire a professional web designer to make my website look its best.

Most people in marketing have a specific skill set.

Everyone involved in marketing has their strengths and weaknesses; you’ll rarely find an all-rounder.

For example, when I worked in Marketing and Communications at a Northern Ireland university, I focussed on writing unique content for websites and social media platforms.

As a result, I was shortlisted in FOUR categories at NI Social Media Awards.

However, for video marketing, graphic design and everything in between, I relied totally on marketers with expertise in each area.

Content writing meaning: Tall Paul Marketing - Belfast marketing - SEO Copywriter Belfast - NI Marketing agency

Is content writing time-consuming?

Yes, writing quality, engaging content is time-consuming.

Therefore, it relies on the writer having a good understanding of digital marketing best practices.

Best practices include how to SEO optimise content to improve search results, and knowing your <H1> tags from your <H2> tags.

Above all, it requires an understanding of how to structure your content correctly, keyword research and ultimately how to get your content read.

As a result, it’s no surprise that a lot of local business owners and marketing directors decide to save time and hire out the work to a professional content writer.

In short, what could take you a day to write could be written in a quarter of the time by someone who writes content for a living.


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