Business Blog in 2021: 5 Reasons Why EVERY Business Needs a Blog
Business Blog: 5 Powerful Benefits For a Northern Ireland Business
June 18, 2020
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August 5, 2020

5 reasons why EVERY business needs a blog in 2021

In 1999 there were just 26 blogs on the internet, but having a business blog in 2021 means you’re one of half a billion businesses making use of an incredible marketing tool.


People often wonder – with the dominance of video marketing and PPC advertising – whether having a business blog in 2021 in worthwhile.

I’ve got news for you: making use of a business blog is absolutely a great idea, especially since more of the world has moved online.

And that pace looks set to continue so now is the perfect time to either resurrect your current blog or create a brand new one.

Your business has a website, right?

Your business probably has a website page called ‘Blog’, or ‘News’.

And I bet the last time you updated this page was months ago, yes?

You’re nodding along and thinking, “Tall Paul is wrong; the last blog post was actually in 2017!”

The first ever blog was in 1999, but in 2020 a business blog in one of half a billion internet blogs - Tall Paul Marketing - NI freelance Copywriter

In my last blog post: 5 Powerful Benefits of Blogging EVERY Marketing Manager and Director Needs To Know, I highlighted some compelling benefits of blogging that Northern Ireland businesses can enjoy.

After publishing that blog post, I’ve had emails from Northern Ireland Marketing Executives, Marketing Directors, Small Business Owners and a host of people from various industries who want one thing: to get more people on to their website.



Tall Paul Marketing Newsletter - Paul of Duty, Modern Marketing - Northern Ireland freelance copywriter



I could write today about 101 reasons why a Northern Ireland company needs a business blog in 2021.

But instead, I am focussing on the five most compelling reasons why you need a blog for your business this year.



1. A regularly updated blog enjoys a higher ranking on Google.

A higher ranking on Google search results should be every business website’s ultimate goal.

Of course, there will always be a couple of paid ads at the top of Google search results but guess what?

We’ve got savvier with our searches and know that the top 3 results are paid adverts and not necessarily the best.

So instead, a lot of us are skipping the top results and scrolling further down the page.

And it’s in those key positions every Northern Ireland business should aspire to be.

Improve your Google search ranking by posting a blog regularly - Business blog 2020 - Tall Paul Marketing

So, without paying money for Google’s PPC advertising, how might your business get on to page one of Google search results, just below the paid advertisements?

By simply publishing quality, engaging content, such as blog posts on a regular basis.

Let’s take Tall Paul Marketing as an example.

I don’t pay for Google PPC adverts, mainly because they’re costly, and I am confident I can get similar results by posting regularly.

Right now, I am flirting with page 1 on Google Search results for:

Northern Ireland Copywriter
Northern Ireland Blog Writer

Sometimes I show up at the bottom of Page 1; sometimes I show up on Page 2.

But even more impressive is where I show up when people search for the above two and click on Google Images.

This is where the importance of regular blog posts becomes more apparent.

When I type into Google ‘Northern Ireland Copywriter’ and click on images, Tall Paul Marketing dominates the top results:


Regular blog posts increase your visibility on search engines like Google and Bing - Freelance Copywriter Northern Ireland - Digital Marketing Agency


An impressive eight different mentions of my website show up, which increases my likelihood of attracting customers.

And when I Google search for ‘Northern Ireland Blog Writer’:


Business blogging helps improve your Google search ranking - Tall Paul Marketing - NI freelance Copywriter


I show up in nine of the top results.


Because my content is the most recent and widely read for those search terms.

So, while my website isn’t dominating search results (yet), by just posting blogs regularly, I am becoming more visible.

Set your business a target: 12 blog posts in 12 months.

That will take you out of 2020 and well into 2021.

Watch your traffic increase and more enquiries flood into your email inbox.


Oh, and if you need help creating great content for your blog, drop me an email by clicking HERE.



2. A business blog in 2021 keeps your readers (and potential customers!) updated about your business.

We had a surreal 2020.

A global pandemic.

And most likely a global recession.

A move towards digital was forced on to all of our businesses without time to prepare.

Business blog in 2020 - Tall Paul Marketing - Freelance Copywriter

Never has it been more important to keep current and potential customers updated.

That’s because, while one lockdown eases and the threat of a second wave in the future increases, customers are swiping through their social media platforms, shopping online and generally passing the time.

You can use your business blog to reassure customers that when you reopen, you will be following all social distancing rules.

Or you can even update customers on how you’re focussing on staff health over the next six months.

Perhaps your business has new opening hours?

The most important thing is that you say something.

If you don’t, your customers might assume you’ve closed down (which a lot of businesses unfortunately have) or that you’re not quite ready to open for business.



3. Business blogs are simple to set up but offer huge returns.

A website blog is cheap to set up but offers huge returns.

The great thing about a blog is that when you post blog articles, they’ll work hard for you long after you’ve clicked on the ‘Publish Now’ button.

While Social Media posts can get real-time results, the chances are that a week later, they’re irrelevant.

Business blogs in 2020 are low-cost and easy to set up - Tall Paul Marketing - Northern Ireland Copywriter

I call it ‘disposable marketing’ due to its short life.

In contrast, your blog will keep on providing customer engagement, website traffic and sales leads.

That’s because blogs usually centre on people’s pain points.

Take my recent business blog post: 5 amazing hacks to improve your web content.

Although I posted it on 16 May 2020, nearly two months later it is getting an increase of readers weekly.

So, whereas a great Social Media post offers instant results, quality, engaging blog posts provide a steady stream of readers and can keep customers coming back to your website regularly.


Because you are offering free advice, engaging web content, shareable tips and an insight into your business.

Your business blog will cost you a lot less to set up than a boosted post on Facebook or a Google PPC campaign, and when done consistently, you’ll reap exceptional returns.

And guess what? There are lots of free blogging platforms where you can get set up quickly.

My personal favourite is WordPress; 37% of the web is built on it.

I use WordPress for both the Tall Paul Marketing website and my other business website: Newry Times.

4. An engaging business blog in 2021 offers customers a reason to buy.

We’re all in business for the same reason: to make money/profit/a difference.

Attract more readers to your website - Digital Marketing Belfast


Over the last four days, 92 people read my latest blog post.

That doesn’t sound like a vast amount but guess what?

It led to enquiries from three businesses looking for someone to write blog content for their website.

Whether all three become clients of mine in the future isn’t clear yet, but time will tell.

It led to two phone calls from people involved in Marketing and Communications in Northern Ireland who wanted to work closely to promote each other’s businesses.

It led to several emails from people currently working in Marketing in Northern Ireland asking me questions about my blog post.

Not bad for one blog post in just four days, right?

Business 2020 blog benefits - Tall Paul Marketing - Northern Ireland Freelance Copywriter Paul Malone

And this is where a consistently updated business blog in 2020 is worth its weight in gold.

Take this as a random example.

I want to hire a Graphic Designer in Belfast.

Of course, the first thing I do is type into Google ‘Graphic Designer Belfast’ or ‘Freelance Graphic Designer Belfast’.

I see the usual handful of ads at the top of the results page.

But I don’t want just any old Graphic Designer; I want the ‘best Graphic Designer in Belfast’.

Then I find these original blog posts from Graphic Designers in Belfast: Logo Design Belfast.

And these guys aren’t trying to sell to me; they’re offering advice and tips on branding, logos, business start-ups and other helpful articles.



5. A business blog in 2021 humanises your company.

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started Tall Paul Marketing in 2017 was that my website contained barely any pictures of me.

It did not humanise me.

It didn’t get readers to say, “Oh, that’s Tall Paul, I’ve seen him before at an event!”

I thought to have a website was enough, regardless of the lack of humanising pictures and content.

I got it wrong.

Now though, anyone who visits my website is greeted with a big picture of me. Visitors see an image on all blog posts of me too.

Blogging benefits for businesses 2020 - Tall Paul Marketing - Northern Ireland Copywriter

I am human; I am recognisable. My blog now speaks about who I am, what I stand for.

It highlights my mistakes and successes. It puts a face to the name.

And it provides tips and advice for Northern Ireland Marketers and business owners.

Since I changed to a more humanising website, I have noticed sales and queries increase.

No longer is Tall Paul Marketing some abstract business.

Now, it’s easily recognisable. “Oh, so you’re Tall Paul!”

Get your blog up and running and check out the results for yourself!


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