Northern Ireland Tech Entrepreneur Launches FREE App to Help Motorists
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Northern Ireland Tech Entrepreneur Launches FREE App to Help Motorists

Northern Ireland Tech Entrepreneur Launches FREE App to Help Motorists

A new app founded by Newry’s Jim Finnegan – PocketBox – has launched and promises to help NI motorists safely and securely manage all their important vehicle documentation.


The Northern Ireland Tech Entrepreneur says the app is now available to download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


“Where did you put the letter I got the other day?”

“I didn’t touch it, but you leave everything lying about, so it’s your own fault if it’s in the bin, which, by the way, was emptied this morning!”

It’s a conversation that’s played out in households every day.

And it has led to, ahem, heated debates between couples about how we store important documents.


Northern Ireland Tech Entrepreneur Launches FREE App to Help Motorists

Northern Ireland tech entrepreneur Jim Finnegan has launched Pocket Box, which is now available to download from the app store.


Thankfully though, a new app promises to offer couples and motorists some relief.

Introducing the ultimate motorist-friendly app, PocketBox.

PocketBox helps motorists store motoring paperwork, vehicle documents, key dates and policies.

And that means you’ll never forget about your insurance renewals, MOT bookings or tax renewals ever again.

The innovative new app will ensure all drivers are legally covered, with handy reminder alerts for any soon-to-expire documents as well as service history prompts.



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PocketBox founded by Northern Ireland Tech Entrepreneur, Jim Finnegan.

The smart tech company is the brainchild of Northern Ireland tech entrepreneur, Jim Finnegan.

PocketBox CEO and serial entrepreneur Jim has an impressive track record in tech.

His first venture – JMC Mobile – went from zero to £2million in turnover.

02 Telefonica then acquired the company for a seven-figure sum.

Northern Ireland Tech Entrepreneur previously founded JMC Mobile and FieldMotion.

Building on that success, Jim then launched FieldMotion, a leading smart CRM system that now has clients in the UK and USA.

Speaking ahead of the official launch of the PocketBox app, Jim explains, “PocketBox is an online digital platform that helps vehicle owners manage all their motoring paperwork and policies.

“Pocket Box’s smart technology makes vehicle ownership easier and safer,” he adds.


The Pocket Box App aims to solve several pain points for the everyday motorists

The Pocket Box App aims to solve several pain points for everyday motorists.

New app promises to keep motorists safe and legal on the roads.

The new app will be appreciated by motorists guilty of stashing important documents at the back of cupboards and boxes scattered throughout their homes.

“We’ve all done it,” Jim smiles.

“Owning a vehicle comes with a lot of documentation; logbooks, driving licences, MOT certificates, insurance policies and lots more.

“Most of us are a little disorganised, so it’s easy to misplace one of these.

“Without realising, you could end up breaking the law and face prosecution or heavy fines,” he says.

“If, for example, your MOT expires or your driving licence expires, you could face severe fines and penalty points.

“Of course, the ideal scenario is that every motorist remembers all the key renewal dates and stores everything safely.

“But in reality, we’re all leading busy lives, so it’s easy to open an envelope, sit it down, go to work and forget all about it.”

PocketBox aims to safely and securely store your important documents, says Northern Ireland Tech Entrepreneur, Jim.

“Ultimately, PocketBox is designed with the everyday motorists in mind; never again will any important legal documents expire and leave you vulnerable under the law.”

Jim says the app has the potential to change the way we care for and manage our vehicles.

“It gives drivers complete peace of mind,” he insists.

“Knowing your vehicle is safe and legal is important, and our easy-to-use app is a great way to store and manage everything you need securely.”


Download the Pocket Box App from the Google Playstore and Apple App Store now - Content Writing Belfast

Download the Pocket Box App from the Google Playstore and Apple App Store now.


After downloading the app, users simply enter their vehicle’s registration, and Pocket Box instantly shows MOT and Tax expiry dates, along with a host of other intelligent features.

Already, PocketBox has received widespread support from Innovate UK, Ulster Bank and Invest NI.

The intuitive app allows users to “enjoy a range of features.”

Jim says those who download PocketBox will enjoy a wide range of features.

“You can use your smartphone’s camera to scan your driving licence, passport and other documents, and then our intuitive app will set up a list of tasks to ensure you stay roadworthy and legal.”

Up to five vehicles can be added to the app, which means whole families can enjoy peace of mind.

Jim continues, “A totally digital vehicle management makes sense; we use our phones every day, and it’s reassuring to have all your documents safe and secure.”


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Another benefit of the app is the ability to quickly pull up key information when you’re about to sell your car and buy a new one.

“When you’re buying, selling or servicing your car, you have all that data at hand,” Jim explains.

“Whether you are trading your car in, buying tyres or booking an MOT, our app makes it easier and safer – for the car owner and the auto sector,” he adds.

PocketBox a “long-overdue disruptor” in the market, says Northern Ireland Tech Entrepreneur, Jim Finnegan.

PocketBox will be a long-overdue disruptor to the current stale and inefficient process.

“Currently, available car management apps mainly focus on vehicle maintenance and fuel tracking. Our concept is totally unique globally,” Jim explains.

“Central to our innovation is the time and money saved by car owners in the administration of their vehicles.

“Time looking for and sharing motoring documents is reduced dramatically,” he adds.


Find out more about PocketBox here.

PocketBox is FREE to download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store now.


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