Newry Engineering Firm Welcomes Highly Experienced Ronan Callan
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Highly Experienced Ronan Callan Joins Newry Engineering Firm | Tall Paul Marketing

Highly Experienced Ronan Callan Joins Newry Engineering Firm - Tall Paul Marketing - business blog writer Belfast

With vast amounts of engineering and management experience, County Louth native, Ronan Callan, says he is “extremely excited” to be newly appointed General Manager of the Exact Group.

Newry Engineering Firm The Exact Group specialises in precision engineering and supplies customers throughout a wide range of sectors.

Beginning his career as an apprentice toolmaker in the 1990s, Ronan rose up the engineering ranks and held many prestigious roles in some of the most successful companies on both sides of the Irish border. 


Highly Experienced Ronan Callan Joins Newry Engineering Firm - Tall Paul Marketing - business blog writer Belfast

Ronan says he’s excited to get started work for the Newry Engineering Firm.

Ronan’s background is in engineering.

Detailing his previous experience, Ronan says, “I’ve been heavily involved in the engineering field ever since I was a teenager.

“I started off as an apprentice toolmaker and when I qualified, I went to work for a company as a CNC Programmer and Lead Setter.

“After approximately seven years I changed my career path slightly and joined Collins Aerospace as a Project Engineer but predominantly worked as a Programmer on 5-axis CNC milling machines.

“I worked my way up to Engineering Manager and eventually to Operations Manager after a total service of 11 years.

“I then progressed to work for Bellurgan Precision Engineering as Head of Operations.

“And that’s where I’ve remained for the last three and a half years,” he continues.



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The expansion drive of Newry Engineering Firm attracts Ronan.

Eager to settle into his new role, Ronan says that he was attracted to join the Exact Group due to the company’s drive for expansion.  

“I think the Exact Group has a lot to offer,” he continues.

“The management team has really built the company up over the last few years with the achievement of the SC21 Silver Award, AS9100, ISO 9001 and more recently, the medical device compliance accreditation, ISO 13485.



Bright future ahead for Newry Engineering Firm.

“The Exact Group has a bright future and is certainly a company that is willing to invest in the right opportunities.

“All this makes me feel extremely excited about my new role.”

As the sector seeks to recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, one of Ronan’s main objectives moving forward will be to continue to explore new opportunities.

“Although I’m keen to look at other avenues I‘m still very much looking and listening,” Ronan insists.

“However, as a company, I know we’re very good at responding to our customers which I think sets us apart from many others.

“Being able to look after our customers and respond to their needs quickly will stand us in good stead over the months and years to come.”



Founder of Newry Engineering Firm, Stephen Cromie, welcomes Ronan.

Welcoming Ronan to the team, Exact Group Owner and Founder, Stephen Cromie comments, “We are delighted that Ronan has joined our company as General Manager.

“His experience, work ethic and reputation in the sector precede him and we’ve very much looking forward to establishing a strong working relationship with Ronan.

“At the Exact Group, we believe in servicing our customers with the highest quality products – a vision I know that Ronan also shares.”

Stephen adds, “We’re confident that Ronan will be a fantastic asset to the Exact Group team going forward.”


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