Northern Ireland Social Media: 5 Things An NI Business Should Always Do
Social Media | Northern Ireland Business | Tall Paul Marketing
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Northern Ireland Social Media: 5 Things An NI Business Should Always Do

Social Media | NI Business | Tall Paul Marketing

A Northern Ireland business on Social Media already has a great advantage over many competitors just by having profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But what should you always do to ensure the time, money and effort you’re investing in your Northern Ireland Social Media platforms is reaping the rewards?



Here are 5 things you can start doing this week on your Northern Ireland Social Media platforms that are guaranteed to help your business drive sales, increase engagement and attract new customers.

1. Northern Ireland Social Media Managers should update consistently.

There’s no point updating social media one day and then letting it sit idle for the next 6 days.

There are so many NI Business pages lying in the ‘Social Media Graveyard’ – they haven’t been updated in months, or in some cases, years.

Engagement on social media is created through regular content and engagement.



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If you don’t feel you can use all different social media platforms then pick just one and be consistent with it.

That way you can focus your efforts on making just one page really great.

Be creative. Check what competitors are doing and shamelessly copy them with similar posts of your own.

Create interesting videos: eg ‘Here’s how we make Belfast’s best cup of coffee’ or ‘Staff member ________ making today’s special’

Try different things and see what works. Don’t worry about Followers and Likes in the short term; if your content is good enough it’ll happen.

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2. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation

What you share represents who you are as a business.

“gret deal 2day on coffe an tea.. By one get 1 free so bring ur friends n enjy lunch”.

Would you be eager to eat out of a place that doesn’t value spending time to interact with its customers?

“We’ve a great deal on today in ____________. Grab a friend and enjoy our ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ offer on coffee and tea.”

Now, this is more professional and a better representation of a business that values itself and its customers.

It isn’t about spelling, grammar and punctuation at all actually.

It’s about how you present yourself to the world.

You wouldn’t go to a job interview or an important business meeting in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt and you wouldn’t send an email to your boss in text-speak.

Don’t do it on Social Media either.

3. Ensure good quality photos/videos

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If a picture really is worth a thousand words then a bad picture is a thousand missed opportunities.

If a picture or video is worth taking then make sure it’s the best it can be.

How many times have you scrolled through your Facebook Newsfeed and saw local businesses ‘boosting’ their posts of grainy, blurry images?

I have seen it a lot and it’s a complete waste of time and money.

Blurry photos belong in the recycle bin.

4. Nominate one or two members of staff to manage your Northern Ireland business Social Media accounts

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We’ve all got different writing styles. I like to think my own writing style isn’t easily replicated. Your style is probably unique too.

Here’s an example. You and 12 other staff update your Social Media accounts regularly.

Two are English Literature graduates and use obscure words your fans may or may not be familiar with.

Three others are technical guys. They’re used to writing short form, to the point.

Another thinks of himself as a bit of an author. He writes Social Media updates that resemble short novels.

Then there’s a couple of other staff who have a great sense of humour.

Their funny personality comes across in every post.



If I have liked your page I will quickly realise something’s not adding up here.

There’s no consistency in the tone, the conversations or the styles.

I might subconsciously think that if the business tone isn’t consistent then I don’t really know the business.

Social Media Management should ideally be from a manager or supervisor who is full time and can update it consistently.

There’s no point in having a part-time member of staff who might leave after a couple of weeks running your Social Media accounts and having all your logins and passwords.

Perhaps delegate tasks to each member of full-time staff.

For example, supervisors take all the pictures on a day to day basis, managers upload them along with the text.

Whoever is updating them, do it consistently.

5. Spot any PR opportunities and exploit them when you can.

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The early bird catches the worm.

In your case, the eager eye gets engagement high.

Keep an eye out for Public Relations opportunities all around you.

Is there a famous celebrity in town? Has one of the Game Of Thrones or Love Island stars just walked into your premises?

How cool would it be if you could politely ask them for a quick photograph or video?

When they’re done eating, drinking or browsing mention that you’d love a photo with them.

Most are used to the public spotlight and will be happy to oblige.

Have you got a big group of guests in for a special event or business meeting?

Get a group photo of them smiling for your Social Media.

If they tag themselves in your photo then your business appears in front of their friend’s lists too – simple but very effective.


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