NI podcast: Special economy edition of 'Thrive in the New World' published
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Special economy edition of NI podcast ‘Thrive in the New World’ published

Northern Ireland podcast - NI business news - Newry

The sixth episode of NI podcast ‘Thrive in the New World’, the business podcast hosted by Sarah Travers, has been published.


In this episode, Sarah is joined by Ann McGregor, CEO of the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Richard Ramsey, Chief Economist NI, Ulster Bank.

Sarah discusses the challenges and opportunities for local business and the local economy with Ann and Richard.

They also discuss Northern Ireland’s economic prospects over the months and years ahead.


Northern Ireland podcast - NI business news - Newry

Listen to the episode of the NI podcast at Ulster Bank Content Live.

Richard Ramsey said, “It has been an incredible period for the economy and there are trends that everyone in the business community needs to understand.

“It has been great to discuss some of these issues with Sarah and Ann and I hope businesses find the discussion useful and interesting,” he added.


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Mark Crimmins, Head of Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland, said the NI podcast series should act as a motivational tool to help business owners to realise their growth aspirations and remain agile.

“Throughout this series, we are harnessing the power of peer-to-peer learning by telling the stories of forward-thinking business owners from a diverse range of industries here in Northern Ireland.

Resilience in the Northern Ireland business community

“In recent times we’ve witnessed incredible feats of resilience by many in the business community who have adapted to continue to deliver their services or to collaborate and lend skills and expertise to the efforts to support our frontline healthcare workers and wider communities.

“They have risen to the challenge and remained agile which is enabling them to continue to operate and, importantly, to prepare for the future.

“The range of voices from different business types that you will hear from in the podcast series will equip listeners with the knowledge to help them recognise where their strengths lie.

“It will also offer first-hand insight into how other business owners have utilised their strengths to identify new opportunities to adapt against the backdrop of these difficult circumstances,” he adds.

Northern Ireland podcast - Freelance Copywriter NI

Stories from business community on NI podcast “will resonate with listeners”

Series host Sarah Travers says there are many stories coming from the business community that will resonate with listeners.

“We have all adapted our daily lives in some way and the same is true for businesses and their owners.

“On high streets and in industrial parks across Northern Ireland, the business community has been working hard to adapt and to put in place practical measures to help us all to get back to business.

“Some are using their expertise and resources to help fellow businesses and other parts of society to reopen safely, and others are adapting their premises and services to cater for the consumer’s needs – all are adapting.

“We’re really excited to make these voices and stories heard,” she adds.


If you are considering starting an NI podcast, visit the Granite Podcast website.


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