The 3 best types of content Northern Ireland businesses should post on Social Media

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Okay, so you’re a Northern Ireland business and you’re on Social Media. You’ve created an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Job done? Not quite. The types of Social Media content you choose can make a difference.

This week we’re going to look at the best types Social Media content to post.

These will help increase engagement for your Northern Ireland business, attract new followers and ultimately, generate sales.

1. Social Media content should be relatable

The single best way to build a connection with your followers (and potential customers!) is by sharing content and stories they can relate to.

Think about your target audience: what do they do for fun? What are they interested in?

Your followers need to see and hear themselves in how you write so try and become a good storyteller.

Give them a behind the scenes look at who you are, what motivates you, your personality. Try to create content that provides information and humour.

Here’s an example of a relatable post I created for Queen’s University Belfast’s student accommodation. I know my audience inside out and I know a lot of them LOVE Game of Thrones.

Social Media content | NI Business | Tall Paul Marketing

This post has everything: humour, relatability, current and includes key information about our rooms. As a result, it created engagement with our target audience.

Another tip: if you know your target audience then it makes your job of creating relatable content so much easier.

Finally, do they watch Love Island, Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black? Can you tie in something with these and your business the way I did with Game of Thrones in the above post?

2. A Northern Ireland Business should create Social Media content that asks questions

We all love giving our opinion on things. It’s human nature.

For that reason, try asking your Social Media followers questions to increase engagement. You will be surprised at how engaging all those followers become.

Here’s an example from my Newry Times Facebook page when I created a post asking followers if they knew somebody who should enter this competition.

Social Media content | Northern Ireland Business | Tall Paul Marketing

My post reached over 17,000 people and enjoyed over 3,000 engagements.

That post took all of 60 seconds to create. And the result? More engagement on future posts, more followers, more link clicks and more brand awareness.

3. Make use of Social Media content that relates to your audience

For Newry Times my target audience is people living in Newry and Mourne. Therefore, if I am posting anything on Newry Times I try and make it relatable in some way to this catchment area.

Take the below as an example. This user-generated content from a Newry Times reader enjoyed an incredible 88,000 views and reached over 360,000 people.

Social Media content | Northern Ireland Business | Tall Paul Marketing

Most importantly, this post wasn’t slick and polished; it was shot on a smartphone and took about 60 seconds to upload and add some text. You don’t need to pay a professional videographer; all the best content on Social Media is shot through a smartphone.


Use all 3 tips above this week on Social Media and let me know how you get on by commenting below, emailing me or talking to me on Social Media. Read more of my helpful blog posts HERE.

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